Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions that Paradise Pools and Patios has compiled for interested homeowners. 

  • What is a gunite swimming pool?
    • Gunite swimming pools are steel reinforced concrete structures. The gunite is applied with high air pressure shot from a hose. The material used can either be a mix of sand and concrete that is wet at the nozzle, or a wet mix that is preblended in the truck.


  • Why should I purchase a gunite swimming pool, rather than a vinyl or fiberglass pool?
    • Gunite pools offer the widest variety of customization options. You can add more features and build in more treturous terrains then you can with prefabricated pools. Gunite pools will last longer, are easier to maintain, and will hold their value the longest.


  • How thick will the gunite be?
    • PPP will apply gunite that will be a minimum of 8" thickness.


  • What size rebar will be used?
    • PPP will use 3/8" rebar on 9" centers throughout your pool. Depending on the engineering needs, your pool structure may require different reinforcement options. 


  • What kind of coping do you use?
    • PPP uses mainly travertine coping to dress up the edges of your pool. Travertine coping will last the longest, be the easiest to maintain, and in our opinion, is the most aesthetically pleasing.


  • How thick will the pool plaster be?
    • PPP will use Diamond Brite or NPT Quartzscape plaster that will be troweled on to an average of 1/2" to 5/8" thickness. With these plasters, you will have a 10 year manufacturers warranty.


  • What kind of plumbing will be installed?
    • PPP will use schedule 40 PVC pipe/fittings throughout your pool.


  • What are the eletrical requirements?
    • A licensed electrician will be needed for all electrical work which we provide. All pumps and heaters will be wired 220/230 and all lights will be wired 110/115 with low voltage transformers if need.


  • What kind of tile do you install?
    • PPP will guide you through your tile selection, but you will be able to choose the color and pattern that will best suit your tastes. We recommend going with NPT tile and a brochure will be provided to you.


  • What kind of deck goes around the pool?
    • PPP offers all types of decks. Regular, stamped, coated, or textured concrete, as well as travertine pavers are all options that PPP will help you decide on.


  • Who puchases the permits?
    • PPP will purchase all required permits. If a variance is needed, the homeowners will be responsible for any additional fees. If a Home Owner's Association plan is required, PPP can provide this service for a small fee.


  • What kinds of equipment will be used and how will you enter/exit my backyard?
    • Various types of large machinery will be needed during the construction of your pool. In order to have the best possible access to use the back hoe, dump truck, concrete truck, and others, PPP will need at least twelve feet width and height.


  • What happens if there is damage to my property?
    • PPP will make every effort possible not to damage any of your property. We ask that the homeowner provide us with ease of access to the job site.


  • Will I have to install a fence?
    • Yes, you will be required to install a 4' minimum height fence for your yard (some parishes may require taller). Check with your parish's building permits office and your homeowner's insurance company for the fence regulations for your property.


  • Will you do any landscaping after the pool is finished?
    • PPP will do a fine grading of the area around the pool in preperation for your landscaping.


  • How much time will I have to invest to maintain the pool?
    • PPP will install the highest quality equipment on your pool. Normal maintenance for your pool should not take any longer than it took you to mow your grass before the pool was built.


  • How long will it take to build a gunite pool?
    • Gunite pools can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks. The timeline depends on the size of the pool, terrain limitations, the amount of add-ons purchased, and the weather conditions.


  • Does Paradise Pools and Patios have insurance?
    • PPP, as well as it's subcontractors, have a general liability insurance policy and Workman's Compensation insurance.


  • What kind of warranty will I have?
    • You will have a 3 year manufacturer's warranty on all Pentair equipment installed. The plaster will have a 10 year manufacturer's warranty. PPP will give a 1 year warranty on the entire pool.


  • Will the pool add any value to my home?
    • Yes, a well maintained pool will add value to your home.

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